1000 neue Mitglieder
1000 New Members

Cooperation project with Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

The project «1000 New Members for Künstlerhaus” sounds like a utopian idea for the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. During the research in the archive, it became obvious that Künstlerhaus is not only composed of an organizational structure but is also registered as a foundation with studios and workshops, moreover is based on the condition of membership. Who are these members, and how are they characterized apart from the annual membership fee they pay and the membership card they receive from the institution? The position of the «Utopian Member” initiates a further discussion for both sides; for the institution and for the individual, about what being a member could mean and what is the ideal profile of a Künstlerhaus member, or is there something like this, plus who actively participates in the events and structures of the institution and why… How open is the structure? The link on the Künstlerhaus homepage is installed as the threshold of the perception of these questions with the possibility of imagining an abstraction of a community; «Place of Utopian Members”. We will find out how many and where they are…