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Bahnwärterhaus Esslingen
Gatekeeper‘s House Esslingen

Städtische Galerien Esslingen

Installation on 2 floors and 3 rooms
The actors are playing themselves

Video Installation, Video 15min

Actors: Alec Barth and Nicole Ziegler

Two actors A. and N. entering the room. They were advised to prepare themselves for a play. They are filmed by a hidden camera.
On the table in the room they find a model of the Gatekeeper‘s House Esslingen (produced by model railway company Vollmer) and various documents of the history of the house, architectural plans, newspaper articles, recent photographies of the the Gatekeeper‘s House Esslingen, in which they find themselves. As well as following books: Lionel Tilling »Das Ende der Aufrichtigkeit«, Regina Wenningers »Künstlerische Authentizität«, »Ästhetik der Inszenierung« von J. Zimmerman and J. Früchtel, »Esslinger Studien« Ausgabe 26/1987 and »Künstlerische Strategien des Fake« by Stefan Römer.

After 15min the preparation time is over. The recorded sequence serves as basis for the following play. The actors will play themselves.
The re-enactment and the original video is presented interwoven into each other in the exhibition.