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Ein Sprechstück für drei Betrachter*innen
A Spoken-Word Piece For Three Spectators

karaoke video installation
3 Monitors, 3 synchronized videos, 8min 54sec,
3 microphones, speaker boxes

Only if three spectators decide to read out loud the text appearing infront of each of them on the monitors, the whole piece becomes audible in the space.

In contrast to theater and dance, it‘s the spectators who are moving through the space in an exhibition. the following idea is the transfer of a exhibition out of the context of the white cube into a theater space. whether white cube nor Black Box, the theater is situated in the »in-between«. This point of intersection con- cerning the staging in the context of theater and in the exhibition space, allows to raise questions of the role of an artist as a director, about art objects turning into props and the spectator becoming an actor. considering the spectator in an exhibition as an actor, who‘s moving through a scenery, that‘s exactly where the direction will be found - in the construction of the installation or the exhibition.