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Es verschwindet, sobald wir verstummen... disappears as soon as we fall silent

Kulturpark Dettinger, Plochingen

Video-/sound Installation
Video projection on silver curtain,
Speaker boxes, I-pod,
Text-projection, A4 Prints, etc.
Video »Falling Stars«, loop 1min

Flying objects falling from the sky like stars - sold for 3 euro to tourists in Florence, Rome and Venice - captured with a mobile phone and projected on a silver curtain in the exhibition, accompanied by Karl Heinz Stockhausen »Helicopter String Quartet«.
Behind the curtain: the shining-through projection, an over 1000 year old projected text (by Chinese philosopher Ge Hong) reporting of first flying objects and humans »(...)wandering anywhere in the world without hindrance of mountains and rivers.« The initial (re-written) history of the invention of the helicopter, long before Leonardo Da’Vinci and the bridge to those toys sold on the streets.