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Shadowboxing In The Dark
NGO-Nothing Gets Organised, Johannesburg
5 Channel Sound and Video Installation
7 Letter-Speakerstands, 5 Speaker boxes, Spotlights

Shadowboxing in the dark
and hereto i move forth or backwards...
rendering myself impotent.
Paranoid and tempestuous..I stutter, repetitively convulsing,
Hoping a trigger might pull me back from a certain threshold
(an urgent intonation)

One attempts to lter out the drudging background noise, a piercing and overbearing sonicity.
It engulfs my being, making a mockery of my sanity...
i lay trapped, listening to the echo of its mournful timbre

(An inquisition).

I always ask myself whether you would have admonished the behaviour
if (you were) confronted with the disjuncture or would you continue to be silent- complicit in and by your inactivity
paranoid and tempestuous...

A delay...

the body heaves, waiting for the impossible utterance

(Text by Sinethemba Twalo)