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Visited by a Tiger

11min, HD video (9:16)
Based on a conversation with Dr. Lula Morton Drewes
Sound by Lamin Fofana
Commissioned by Contemporary&
Intallation view: Kunsthalle Mannheim 2020

The starting point of the video and sound piece is the fist as a model for the human brain. The first half of the video includes a neurobiological explanation, which points to the situation-dependent dominance of conscious or affective thinking and the resulting actions in threatening social situations. The model allows us to understand how being under constant stress is responsible for the impairments which can occur and the damaging of different body parts. This is followed by the second half of the video in which we are taken into the moment of the recording of the video. Triggered by a book, the narrator, Dr. Lula Morton Drewes who is a Berlin-based psychologist makes a psychological reference to stress and traumas caused by the experience of racism. There is a minimal and yet decisive difference between the artist’s own fist as a model of the brain which we see in the video and the association to the fist as a symbol of struggle, resistance and solidarity: while the thumb is on the outside of the symbol, it is on the inside of the model. The Frequencies of artist and musician Lamin Fofana’s sound for the piece oscillates between and around Dr. Drewes’s voice. His practice of transmuting text into the affective medium of sound brings the visually absent but crucial human body into play. He not only creates a correlation to the rearing inner processes of the body, its organs and the mind, but also an impressive and at the same time subtle sound space for the bodies of the beholders. Partly photography, partly moving image, the video attempts to establish a conversation between the brain model and the symbol.


24 pages, 2 folds, staple binding
9.5 × 18.4 cm

Published by Edition Taube
Design by Tilman Schlevogt


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Special limited Edition
24 + 1 (AP)

Publication and transparent engraved vinyl
in a hand-made slipcase
24 pages
signed & numbered
19 × 19 cm

Published by Edition Taube
Bookbinding Friederike Goll

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