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Visited by a Tiger

11min, HD video (9:16)
Based on a conversation with Dr. Lula Morton Drewes
Sound by Lamin Fofana
Commissioned by Contemporary&
Intallation view: Kunsthalle Mannheim 2020

Taking the image of a clenched fist both as icon of political struggle and model of the human brain, this work uses a play between image and text to offer a form of embodied knowledge and a re-engagement of the role of image-making in and as politics.

The audio track consists of an interview in two parts with Dr. Lula Morton Drewes, a Berlin-based psychologist, on the psychological and physiological effects of racism. The first chapter explains the functioning of the brain in situations of stress using the hand as a model of the brain. In the second chapter Dr. Morton Drewes, triggered by a book the artist presented to her just before the recording, builds a bridge to trauma and the experience of everyday racism.
The image, a slowly shifting HD video in which the projector is adjusted from landscape to figure orientation, matter-of-factly presents my arm, demonstrating the principles narrated by Morton Drewes and at the same time serving to enact the iconic pose of resistance, one made even more popular in 2020 after the work’s production.

Given the role of the imagination in the formation of concepts – both in political organizing strategies and trauma healing techniques – the video aims for a performative aspect, not only illustrating but offering embodied knowledge. There is a minimal and yet decisive difference between my own fist as a model of the brain in the video and the association to the fist as a symbol of struggle, resistance and solidarity: while the thumb is on the outside of the symbol, it is on the inside of the model and thus not in punching position. This subtle re-orientation of the icon also contains proposal/correction: the replacement of neuro-biological self and public knowledge as part of struggle, resistance and solidarity.

With Visited by a Tiger I have developed distinct materializations which can work independently but have a different outreach, different public moments and spread:

Materialization #2
Publication Visited by a Tiger

The publication contains the transcript of the text spoken by Dr. Lula Morton Drewes in the video. The rhythm of her speach is translated in the way the text is set. Small reference numbers in the text as well as in the simple drawing in the innerfold of the publication allow to follow her explanation of the brain-model.

24 pages, 2 folds, staple binding, 9.5 × 18.4 cm

Published by Edition Taube
Design by Tilman Schlevogt

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Materialization #1
Vinyl Visited by a Tiger

The vinyl contains the audio of the first chapter of the video on side A and the second chapter on side B. The engraving of the fingers on the front and the thumb on the back of the transparent record represents both fists at the same time: The model of the brain (fingers over thumb) and the fist as a symbol (thumb over fingers), depending on which side of the record is playing.

Special limited Edition, 24 + 1 (AP)
Publication and transparent engraved vinyl
in a hand-made slipcase, 24 pages
signed & numbered, 19 × 19 cm

Published by Edition Taube
Bookbinding Friederike Goll

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